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Fuck mediocrity, WE deserve magic

So you may be asking yourself  “who is this bitch trying to tell me how to live my life? Is she qualified? Can I trust her?”


Well friends my answer may surprise you a bit BUT if you are looking for someone to tell you how to live your life you are NOT in the right place. I will never tell you how or what to do EVER. Instead I will stand beside you as you take back your voice and navigate your life from the truth within you. 


We all have the answers within us for how we should be living our lives but because of so many reasons we often live a life according to someone else’s ideals.


And the hardest part is that we often don’t even know we are doing this!


But what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be that way?


What if you could strip away all the bullshit and get back to the source of who you truly are at your core?


If you feel like that sounds too good to be true, I assure you I understand. I was there. Just like you, searching for MORE.


More joy


More freedom


More playfulness


More peace


More ME


I did all the things you were “supposed” to be doing like exercising daily, eating healthy AF, drinking all the water, limiting alcohol, getting outside, yet, it wasn’t enough. I just didn’t feel genuinely happy.


I began to feel like it was MY issue. Something was obviously wrong with ME because I was doing everything that you are allegedly supposed to do to be happy, vibrant and healthy and all I felt was frustrated, confused, alone and like “I was the problem”.


In 2019 after watching the documentary The Wisdom of Trauma I realized that there was a whole hell of a lot that I did not know how to navigate in my life. A huge part of that was how to parent my 2 boys, Jayden and Kieran.


As I ugly cried watching this documentary on mental health, trauma and addictions with the one and only Dr. Gabor Mate I vowed to work with him and learn EVERYTHING I can about how to ensure that my boys grow up differently than I did.


One thing you have to know about me is that I AM A DOER. Once I get something in my head it is essentially as good as done. So 6 months later I started the year-long journey of a lifetime getting certified in the psychotherapeutic modality Compassionate Inquiry created by Dr. Mate and Sat Dharam Kaur. Fun fact: Sat is my own personal therapist.


I didn’t realize how much this would change the direction of my practice and my life. A large portion of this was me getting down into the depths of myself. Places that have never seen the light of day because shame prevented me from even knowing they existed.


I came out of that year a different person. A person who was ready and open to learning more and more about how to heal and to help others to do the same.


In the years following I have also received certifications in Trauma Informed Integrative Somatic Parts Work and Trauma Informed Attachment Theory as well as countless other seminars on historical trauma, epigenetics, somatic experiencing, nervous system regulation, Polyvagal Theory and Internal Family Systems, to name a few.


In my practice I use everything I have learned to create a safe relational container with my client so that they can experience what REAL safety and compassion feels like. This environment is where the “magic” is able to unfold.


So what is this magic I speak of?


It is when we are free to be ourselves. To say the things we never thought we could say in front of another human without fearing judgement. To admit the truth of what our childhood experiences were and how they shaped us. To strip away all the muck and shit that has been piled on top of us over the years and to truly see and feel ourselves, for some of us, for the very first time.


We often have deep wounds from childhood that we have no idea are even there, however, they negatively affect our present life and can often hold us back from living the life we were meant to. These wounds can also affect our relationships and how we parent our children.


So to answer your questions about who I am, am I qualified and can I trust her I will say this, I am just a girl who has had a whole hell of a lot of challenges in her life and who needed someone there to be her fierce protector (as we all do), but unfortunately I did not have that person. So I became that person that I needed.  And NOW I want to be that fierce protector, confidant, bestie and safe person for YOU.


Am I qualified? I may not have any fancy letters behind my name, however, I can say with 100% honesty that I am more than qualified to guide you on your journey back to yourself, because well, I believe in YOU and your ability to find those answers yourself. You just need someone beside you who you can trust to help guide you, hold you and see you along the way. 


Can you trust me? I assure you my beautiful friend you can!


It is worth mentioning that before I work with anyone I want to make sure we are a good fit by having a completely free no obligation intro call so that we can both be the judge of that ;) So if you are loving what I am laying down here and want to connect to see if this is your next step on your journey you can sign up in this link below!


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