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Why did the turkey cross the road?

As I was driving home after school drop off thinking about how to be truly happy the damndest thing happened. A fucking turkey. That is right friends, a turkey made me literally stop in my tracks so as to not hit his ass! :)

For anyone who knows me you know what I did next GOOGLED IT of course LMAO!

It went on about a lot of awesome things but the thing that stuck out the most was CREATIVITY.

It even suggested making one of those hand turkeys as a craft from when you were a kid.

Legit. Not going to lie, I considered it.

Instead I made myself an egg and bagel sandwich and got onto Pinterest searching for hobbies.

I love running, crossfit and anything outdoorsy and nature, however, I was on the search for something that challenges me in a different way.

As I went through there was an ongoing topic, BLOGGING that kept popping off the screen to me.

I LOVE storytelling. LOVE. I LOVE writing long and meaningful posts on my social media, however the most frustrating thing is the lack of space for long posts on Instagram.

As I sit here typing this two things come up for me.

My voice.

Space to grow and thrive.

Two things I did not have growing up that I have been working tirelessly to achieve as a 40 year old woman.

So, today, May 4th 2023, is the day I decided to stop searching for something outside myself to fill the void of my lack of creativity and instead embrace the truth that I was meant to be a writer.

I feel this in my soul and as I sit here typing this I have tears in my eyes because I know this is what I am meant to do.

What will it look like?

I don't fucking have a clue.

But I truly believe that I was meant to share my thoughts, education and life story to help others to feel less alone.

To help others to laugh through the pain.

To make a difference in this world by showing up and being authentically me, and giving others permission to do the same.

There is a part of me popping up that is like “no one will care". There is SO many blogs out there, why would they chose yours?”

Valid question right? However what if this time it doesn't matter if no one shows up?

What if this venture is ACTUALLY all about ME and using MY VOICE?

Well I guess that would mean that it wouldn't matter if no one ever read a single blog then would it?

I’m excited to be open to this new opportunity and possibility having no idea where this will go or take me, but I'm feeling a pull and I am going to trust it friends.

All because a turkey literally stopped me in my tracks today.

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