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Trust your gut. But can you?

Raising kids is such a mind fuck eh?

One moment you are in awe of them, the next you wonder if they will ever be a person able to contribute to society 🫣

Talking about parenting can be a touchy subject for some.

Understandably so when your way of parenting is being questioned or you are experiencing shame about the way you parented your kiddos.

Normally I would tell you to trust your gut and do what you think is right, however, this gets complicated when we were parented by people who whether intentionally or unintentionally taught us to NOT trust our gut.

When we were told what we thought, what to wear, what to play, where to go to college, what to be when we grow up etc we lose the ability to be who we truly are.

We lose ourselves in the expectations of others making it nearly impossible to figure out what the fuck it is that we REALLY want in our 30s, 40s and 50s

I believe that the gift of being a parent is to shine a light on where we need the most healing and work.

Does your kid question every. Fucking. Thing and it triggers a sense of disrespectful behaviour in you?

Great. So why is it that you think your child asking WHY is disrespectful?

Is it because you wouldn’t dare question a person in authority?

Or you were raised to shut the fuck up and do what you were told?

We need to heal from these beliefs that were often passed down to us because half the time we don’t agree with them anyways.

This is Jayden winning a race yesterday and I was absolutely filled with pride as he crossed that finish line.

He is me in little form. Incredibly hard on himself to the point where a 2nd place finish was 💔 to him.

This is something I’m working on personally and as a part of that journey I’m standing beside him to help him to do the same.

Legit. Like how beautiful is that?

What a gift to be leading by example while also helping him.

This is the gift of parenting my friends

It isn’t just about them, It’s about YOU

And we ALL need some damn grace and ❤️‍🩹 healing

Imagine this world in 100 years when our kids kiddos are having their own kids and helping them to understand themselves and that they matter.

Gah what a beautiful concept eh!?

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