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Worrisome Thinking Distracts from Painful Feeling

Phew! No truer words have ever been spoken eh?

But what if the key to healing our worrisome thoughts was to figure out why the hell they are there in the first place? What if the racing thoughts weren't responsible for the pain BUT the sense of alarm within our body was?

If you are ready to have your mind blown about what you THOUGHT anxiety was vs what it REALLY is you HAVE to grab this book my beautiful friends.

I have had this book sitting in a pile in my living room for fucking ever. I would see Russell posting on Instagram and every time I shit you not I would be like

I NEED to start reading this damn book. But who has the time to read?

Well I can say with 100% confidence if you are a person who is a worrier you NEED to find the time to read this book. From the moment I picked it up I knew it was going to be epic. The fact that Russell is also a comedian makes for the read to be easy, enjoyable and mind-blowing all at once.

As I read through the book I often have to take pause to make notes or to reflect on my own journey of learning to figure out my body sensations and what the hell they were trying to tell me.

If we look at the 3 W's of worry as per Russell they are as follows;

warnings, what-ifs and worst case scenarios

If we use a personal example it could look like this. Every single year I go and have testing for breast cancer because I am at high risk. So based on the 3 w's this is how this could potentially play out.

A warning thought might be:

I had a lump last set of testing but it didn't change so hopefully it hasn't changed over the last year.

The second level of worry aka the what-if might be:

What if I have breast cancer?

The third level of worry aka the worst case scenario might be:

Breast cancer can be genetic. My mom had it and it killed her. I bet it will kill me too.

Whoa whoa whoa. Holy moly that spiralled out of control didn't it? Or did it? Is this a familiar feeling to you? Seeing how one thought ended up being taken to a whole other level?

If this is a familiar thing to you I can not suggest enough that you pick up this book and follow this man on Instagram. He shares his personal story openly, vulnerably and it creates such a sense of connection with him even through the pages as you read the book.

As I sit here reading the book and blogging between clients I am just so thankful for this path that I somehow ended up in life. I would have never dreamed that I wouldn't be someone who worked full time, doing shift work and putting my life on the line as a Police Officer. But much like Russell shares in this book about him walking away from being a doctor, sometimes what seems like the worst thing to happen, is in fact, the absolute best.

As we head into summer vacation I am making sure that I have my priorities in order this year. A great exercise for you to try to make sure you are living in alignment with your current priorities is as follows;

I want you to take a moment to sit with what is MOST important to you RIGHT NOW in this stage of life and season.

List the TOP 5 and anytime you are making a commitment this summer make sure that you check in with this list before hand to ensure your decision is in alignment with these priorities.

This is a great way of limiting resentment because it causes you to stop and take pause before committing to things you may not want to be committing to.

Please feel free to share your Top 5! Also if you end up grabbing this epic book please let me know what you think.

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